“All Over Again” on Most Increased Plays Charts w/o June 15!

Thom’s new ” All Over Again” CD is on the charts for the week ending June 15, 2015 as one of the top records with the most increased spins on Smooth Jazz radio. Billboard Airplay –    WEIB/Springfield, MA –    KJLU/Jefferson City, MO –    WVAS/Montgomery, AL –    KUNV/Las Vegas, NV –    WFSK/Nashville, TN –    WVST/Richmond, VA … Read More

“All Over Again” Reviewed in Vintage Guitar Magazine

Thom Douvan All Over Again “Douvan’s latest features fat tones on ‘Sephardia,’ a soulful ballad in the Larry Carlton-esque ‘When Things Fall Apart,’ and ‘Wes Coasting’ offers smooth sailing with octave licks and more. The only lulls come in a couple of songs with vocals but even those feature some nice guitar work. – JH”