Cherry Pop – Anne Carlini Review

Having returned to his Detroit roots on his last CD, Brother, Brother, a Soul-Jazz outing dedicated to Funk Brothers Johnny Griffith and Richard “Pistol” Allen, guitarist Thom Douvan brings us a whole new musical water to dip our toes into.

For those not in the know, though veteran guitarist Douvan currently splits his time between the Bay Area and Los Angeles, his heart is still deeply imbedded in the Motor City, where he gained invaluable bandstand experience during the ’80s with a group of former Motown session men collectively known as The Funk Brothers. Those funk and soul-jazz roots run deep with the Ann Arbor native, proving you can take the man out of Detroit, but you can’t take Detroit out of the man!

Now surrounding himself with such stellar musicians as keyboardist Mitchel Forman, bassist Jimmy Earl, percussionist Luis Conte and drummer Michael Barsimanto, Douvan pushes the envelope on All Over Again – a nine original composition and one well-chosen cover song album that is sure to make you hit repeat more often than not.

All Over Again is the third CD released by composer-bandleader-guitarist Douvan, and this one might just be his best yet. In what resonates deeply of a bygone era in music, the music on the new album runs the gamut from soul to smooth jazz, adult contemporary to jazz fusion, World music to New Orleans funk, and straight ahead jazz, of course.

Contained on this wonderful, delightful new album are 10 tracks, plus two Bonus Tracks. So, after you’ve listened to, and immersed yourself into tracks such as the fusion opener ‘Sephardia,’ ‘When Things Fall Apart,’ ‘Again Again’ (featuring Mitchel Forman), and ‘Believe In You’ (featuring Rob McDonald), you now get ‘Then I Met You’ in two forms: a Radio Edit and an Instrumental.

Recorded at Stagg Street Studio in Van Nuys, CA in just a two day-long session, all overdubs and miXing performed at several other studios in LA and the San Francisco Bay Area, All Over Again proves you might well be able to take the soul funk heart of a Motor City guy out of Detroit, but you’ll never take it out of his beating heart.